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Marth Wallpaper by inkWanderer Marth Wallpaper by inkWanderer
For a given value of "Marth".
I really like the use of watercolor, it makes the drawing feel more 3D. I see a lot of fan art that is done digitally so it is refreshing to see some done with physical media. If this was done with digital media, the quality is high enough to where it felt like it was done with physical media. The drawing was simplified enough to make it easier to look at, but still capture the action and momentum of the more detailed drawing. This pose looks like the same as the one of Marth and Chrom clashing. I can't blame you for choosing that pose, as it is a great choice. Also, that makes this seem like a rethinking of the original, which I like. Overall a pretty good piece.
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Super job on this! I really like the textures used throughout the piece. The watercolor makes a wonderful backdrop, a beautiful complement to your rendition of Marth without overpowering him. The patterns used for Marth's clothing are intricate and pretty, and when compared to the official artwork from FE13, are spot on. All the essential details, from the crown and the mask to the belt buckles and the finger-less gloves, are all there. the detailing on Falchion is perfect. I especially like the use of yellow for the underside of Marth's cape - the contrast makes the rest of the piece pop off the page and draws the viewer's attention.The Mark of the Exalt with the Awakening motif in the corner is well placed and does not intrude on the enjoyment of the work - most likely because the motion is going in the opposite direction. Whether this was intentional or unintentional is of little consequence, because it was executed well.
Overall, great job. If there were one thing I could change about this piece, it would be to add just a bit more color to the background - instead of having Marth flying into a white void, I might would add an orange in its place, giving the illusion of a sunset. Of course, maybe "Marth flying into the sunset" isn't that much better. I love the intricacy of this work disguised as simplicity, and the overall execution of the piece. Great job!
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invaderark12 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
As soon as I saw this I made it my ipad wallpaper! Really love the watercolor art style, even with your other creations. I love both Fire Emblem and Avatar, and I gotta say both of your different wallpapers are great. This may be one of my favorite wallpapers that you've created next to the one with all the different Avatars!
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April 2, 2013
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